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We address the data and communication gap in the small residential construction sector – by far the most prevalent, yet inefficient, types of buildings. Leveraging data and the state-of-the-art technologies, we supply our customers with a new generation of building designs capable of maintaining an ideal level of occupant comfort without an increase in construction costs.
We serve a wide variety of clients ranging from governments of all sizes to homebuilders seeking the most fruitful investment.

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Performance Above All

A famous statistician once said "all models are wrong, some are useful." When it comes to "usefulness", Building Energy Models can serve a pretty significant role in determining the output a building. Of course, this depends on the due diligence process...

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BC Step Code

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Our flagship product: AI-powered Rapid Building Energy Simulation Tool (R-BEST) for cost-effective and performant designs complying with the British Columbia Energy Step Code.
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